World Alzheimer’s Month is here!

Posted on: September 01, 2015

This is the fourth time that the world marks September as World Alzheimer’s Month to raise awareness on Alzheimer’s disease, while uniting and connect people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease: their carers, their family, researchers, and physicians.

When thinking of carers (often referred to in the U.S. as caregivers), you may have the image of people helping people living with such diseases, but did you know that more and more people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia actually have a pet therapist?

Man with dog on the beach

For World Alzheimer’s Month we are highlighting the benefits that pets have on the health and well-being of young and old patients:

  • Since the 18th century[1], dogs have been trained as guides for the blind and physically disabled. However, pets not only help patients with physical disabilities, they have a proven effect on the mental, physical and social health of humans.[2] And pets are becoming more important in the therapy of dementia related disorders.
  • Pets, especially dogs, can help patients maintain their daily routines for sleeping, eating or taking their medication. Pets can help provide the motivation for a walk, to be active and to engage with others. And overall, they can help lower blood pressure, stress and anxiety levels. Plus, pets provide great social support and unconditional love which leads to an increase of motivation/pleasure in humans!

    Dogs motivate patients to go out for a walk Dogs motivate patients to go out for a walk




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[1] Detailed History of Guide Dogs

[2] Measuring the Benefits: Companion Animals and the Health of Older Persons


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September 01, 2015