Our Vets: From 4-years-old Clint Austin to Today

Posted on: May 15, 2018

You may be a cat person or a dog person. You could prefer Holsteins over Jersey cattle. You might consider your pet a best friend or a member of the family. Regardless of how we may differ, there is one thing all animal lovers can agree on and that is the great work carried out by veterinarians.

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Clint Austin is Head of Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs at Animal Health in Johannesburg, South Africa. He grew up in Pretoria, South Africa, where he studied veterinary medicine. In high school he was already helping out at a local veterinary clinic. Clint grew up with dogs and loves having them around.

So Clint, when did you first have the idea of becoming a vet?

I guess that must have been at the age of 4. Since then, a deep love for animals and fascination with the natural world ensured that I would end up in the world of veterinary science. Helping out at a local veterinary clinic all the way through high school also made me realize that although demanding and challenging, no other line of work was going to be able to provide me with the same satisfaction. I enjoy working with people as much as animals and private veterinary practice is as much about the owners as it is about their pets or livestock. Whether providing companionship or providing a livelihood, animals play an integral role in many people’s lives and being able to contribute toward and enrich that relationship is a great reward.

How has your career as a vet prepared you for your current role?

Seven years as a companion animal and farm animal veterinarian- “on the other side of the fence” so to speak- armed me with the perspectives of vets and animal owners alike, both of whom are our customers at the end of the day. When working for an innovative company like Bayer, customer and end user perspectives are really important when it comes to the development of new products or providing technical support in the field for our existing products. I mentioned earlier that private practice is very much about dealing with people too, and this has equipped me to deal with internal and external customers alike.

Seems like you gained a lot of valuable experiences on your way. What advise would you give to aspiring vets?

Make sure that this is really what you want to do! Being a veterinarian can look glamorous and romantic when viewed from the outside or from a distance, but veterinary science is a calling, a passion that keeps you going through those long nights and the emotional roller coaster that practicing veterinarians ride. Spending time with veterinarians in the field or at their practice will give you a realistic idea of what this incredible profession is really all about.

So why is Bayer your perfect match for that task? What makes you proud to work here?

Because it’s Science for a better life! For humans and for animals. Whether talking about companion animals or farm animals, using science to provide the best quality solutions and support, and knowing that I make a difference, every single day. One of my biggest passions is the anti-poaching dog team in the Kruger National Park – these fearless canine warriors battle rhino poachers in South Africa’s biggest national park on a daily basis. Bayer sponsors this team with anti-parasitic medicines, keeping them safe in often harsh and unforgiving environments and I am proud to be associated with this initiative

Thank you, Clint for those insights!

We raise a hand, a paw, a hoof, and a fin to the amazing vets in our lives that passionately care for the health and well-being of animals.


May 15, 2018