Our Vets: Raising the Next Generation

Posted on: May 21, 2018

You may be a cat person or a dog person. You could prefer Holsteins over Jersey cattle. You might consider your pet a best friend or a member of the family. Regardless of how we may differ, there is one thing all animal lovers can agree on and that is the great work carried out by veterinarians.

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Dr. Carolin Ludwig-Erdmann is a scientist who spends her days looking into new and better ways to improve the well-being and health of dairy cattle. She grew up in Dusseldorf, Germany and studied veterinary medicine at Justus-Liebig University Giessen. Carolin and her family live on a farm with all their animals: Pippa (Small Münsterländer dog), Fips (red European Shorthair cat), Mila + Flocke (West African Dwarf goats) and Daisy + Poppy (Araucana-Mix chickens).

So, Dr. Ludwig, what led you to become a vet?

Please, call me Carolin. I grew up with several pets including three dogs, five horses and four Galloway cattle. Since playschool it was absolutely clear for me that I wanted to be a vet.

Last week I asked my three-year-old daughter if she wanted to be a ballerina when she is grown-up. And, funnily enough, she replied with enthusiasm “No, I will of course be a vet!”

Sounds like she has a great role model. How did your career as a vet prepare you to be a research scientist today?

The direct contact I had to our customers while working as a practicing vet still has a big influence on my daily work. Knowing how innovative medicine can impact the life of small and big animals as well as the people who care for them helps me to put my work into a bigger perspective and this is what motivates me every day.

How would you say that your work fits into the bigger perspective for animal lovers?

When I talk to colleagues who work as practicing vets, I am reminded of how our products are seen from the outside and how I can contribute to that. As a scientist, I try to find innovative solutions that help vets to treat diseased animals or, when possible, even prevent diseases. Knowing the unmet needs or where more convenient solutions are required is the basis for my job. Driving innovation as part of a global team, I seek to provide vets with the most effective and efficient tools to help the well-being and health of animals.

What makes you proud to work for Bayer?

It makes me proud to work in a global team together with colleagues that share the same passion for animal well-being and innovation.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

We raise a hand, a paw, a hoof, and a fin to the amazing vets in our lives that passionately care for the health and well-being of animals.


May 21, 2018