The International Federation on Ageing launching the report "Companion Animals & the Health of Older Persons"

Posted on: September 25, 2014


As societies worldwide are aging and global pet ownership increases, the way pets and older people interact is becoming a topic of increasing importance. Through a new report, Companion Animals & the Health of Older Persons, the International Federation on Ageing, in cooperation with Bayer HealthCare Animal Health, highlights over 25 years of research on the mental, physical, emotional, and economic benefits of pet ownership. Studies have shown that companion animals may positively support peoples’ health and Companion Animals & the Health of Older Persons, is the first report to summarize research on this topic and how it affects older people—often those with the greatest chronic disease burden to the healthcare system. For example, studies have shown that dog owners are significantly more likely to stay alive one year after a heart attack than non-dog owners and that animals can also help to reduce levels of anxiety, loneliness and depression.

Studies show that pet owners have significantly lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels than non-pet owners.

The Pets & Aging Campaign launches with a media webcast event on 25 September and will be supported by monthly news and report insights on how pets support healthy aging.

Thanks to public health developments, the world now has the oldest population it has ever seen and nearly 2 billion people over the age of 60 will live on earth by 2050.

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September 25, 2014