LIVE NEWS – Animal Rescue in Flood Hit Regions

Posted on: May 28, 2014

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Continuous, heavy rainfall has resulted in extensive flooding in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Croatia and effected both humans and animals alike. We received a lot of requests to help animals that were in the floods in these regions. Today our Bayer colleague Alica Curtovic and her team from the association “ANDJEO SARAJEVO'' sent us this update from the ground and reported about the actions to support animals in Bosnia Herzegovina: 
"Rescuers have been working around the clock in the most severely affected areas of Bosnia Herzegovina. My Association for animal protection ''ANDJEO SARAJEVO'', among first rescuers team, visited areas in BiH under the floods. We were first in Olovo, Doboj, Maglaj, Orasje and Bosanski Šamac with all required medicines, food, clothes, etc. Also, we had food for the animals trapped by floods (strays and owner ones). Besides the dogs and cats we have helped the other domestic animals trapped by flood (alive or dead). Our great gratitude goes to Sunita Campara and Sejla Kapetanovic Jenko from Bayer d.o.o. Sarajevo that operates as a subsidiary of Bayer AG, for donating food packages and dogs

Our great thank goes to Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia
(AWABosnia ) and Help For Furries. Also our respect goes out to everyone involved – rescuers from Marianne's Dog Food Bank, Angel’s BreathAndjeo Sarajevoand so many other individuals who have joined in the efforts."

Pictures speak louder than words!  Click here
We wish Alica Curtovic and her team good luck for their further work!

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May 28, 2014