Every Person (and every Animal) Makes A Difference

Posted on: May 15, 2014

A 1000 Thanks to A 1000 Fans 

Just a short three months ago, our team launched social media. That first day, when we had zero followers, we agreed that it would be our goal to develop a community of people that share our passion for animals.  We decided to answer questions the way that we would want someone to answer us.  We agreed to tackle some tough issues that are important for animals, but also to find ways to have fun, and celebrate the global community of people that are united by a desire to keep animals healthy. And we decided to highlight the work of organizations and people around the world that are making a difference for animals. After around 100 days, we know that we still have a lot more growing to do.  But today we want to thank our first 1,000 facebook fans.  One by one, we watched as you became part of our community, and we celebrated each time you engaged with us.  Your comments, likes, suggestions, questions and criticisms (most of the time) are appreciated.  It means that you’ve taken the time to communicate with us.  And that’s something we take very seriously.  We hope you’ll continue to be an active part of our community as we continue to grow!  Thank you for being with us from the very start.  And thank you for sharing our passion for animals.

The very happy communications and policy team at our Monheim office

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May 15, 2014