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Posted on: November 06, 2016

Hi Maike, what is your job title and what exactly do you do?

My position at the supply center is called Head of Process Units Liquids. This means that my team and I produce all liquid medicine at our site in Kiel, Germany. We start by producing dilutions and suspensions; the next step is filling them into glass bottles or small pipettes. Finally we take care of packaging until the product is ready to go to our customers.

What does your typical day look like?

To be honest… there is no typical day and that’s what I really enjoy: Every day is different. There is re-occurring routine work for sure, but my days are never completely predictable. When I arrive in the morning, I never know what’s in store for me that day. And that’s exactly what makes my job exciting and appealing! One reoccurring element of my daily job is project work. My colleagues and I focus on supplying our products at competitive costs at the right time and in our high Bayer quality. We have to perform as a team to deal with complex situations which can appear when humans, materials and machineries come together. Besides, we constantly work on our technical equipment and processes in order to be able to meet future demand and to remain competitive.
What I love my job for is that I’m on-site, meaning that I can take care of projects, monitor processes and work closely together with many colleagues.

What do you like most about your job?

Animal Health always offers possibilities to develop. During my past 20 years here, I had varied tasks, learned a lot and gained more responsiblity over time. Even after such a long time, my work for AH has always been interesting and exciting. There is one more thing that is special about Animal Health: our target group are animals and thus very diverse – from cats and dogs over cattle, sheep and poultry up to rabbits.

At Bayer, our mission is “Science For a Better Life” — how do you contribute to this?

Me and my team, we’re not directly involved in research, but we are the next step when our colleagues have developed an innovative product. We take it from there and make sure that it is being produced and will be available.. Our products help our customers to maintain and restore the health of their pets and animals.

Do you have any pets?

Unfortunately not. I’m very animal-loving but I travel a lot and spend a lot of time away from home each day. So I would not have enough time to look after a pet properly. But I do animal sitting! If friends are on vacation, I always offer to take care of their pets. Meanwhile I do it regularly, often with more than just one pet. I even look after my friends’ horses. If I ever decide to get a pet, I would go for a big dog.

What makes the site in Kiel so special?

We produce very diverse products at our plant, which makes it highly interesting. In addition, I like our working atmosphere. We have a very friendly and loyal way of dealing with each other. And the location of our site is unique. It starts with the splendid view from my window. I have a direct view of the canal connecting the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Kiel is not a big city but very appealing to people who are passionate about water sports and like to be close to nature. You work where others are on vacation.

How did you come to Animal Health?

I studied pharmacy in Kiel and had always thought that I would work in a pharmacy one day. It was part of my studies to do a practical year and after spending the obligatory six months at a pharmacy, I spent the second half of the year at Bayer. I thought that I should benefit from the fact that Bayer was located in the same city in order to get some insight into the pharmaceutical industry. It was the first time I realized the broad scope of the pharmaceutical industry. At the end of the year, a positioned opened up at Bayer that perfectly fit my previous tasks. I was at the right place at the right time, so to say, and my career kick-off turned out quite differently than I had expected. And that’s something that I will never regret.


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November 06, 2016


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