Lessons from the Field: Cow Appreciation Day

Posted on: July 11, 2017

They are gentle giants. They can be a patient teacher in the show ring to a young boy or girl at the local fair. They are silly entertainment after calving season when the newborns play tag with one another in the tall grass. They run up to you in delight upon seeing you at the barn after a long day of work (but, it could just be the bucket of feed in your hand). Regardless of the reason, we think cows are great, and we can learn a lot from them.

Farmers, ranchers, dairymen, veterinarians, and cow-lovers around the world celebrate Cow Appreciation Day on July 11, 2017.

In honor of cow appreciation day, we want to share just a few of the lessons that cattle have taught us over the years.

1. Live like someone left the gate open.

Live like someone left the gate open

It’s a great big world out there with places to go and people to see. Image Credit: imgur.com


2. Grab life by the horns.

Grab life by the horns

Tackle your obstacles head on and deal with them openly.


3. Be an expert in your field.

Whether you are working to innovate new products in the laboratory or managing bovine respiratory disease (BRD) or mastitis issues on the farm, becoming an expert in your field is essential to herd health.


4. Hit the hay early and don’t stay up pasture bedtime.

Experts tend to agree, humans need an average of 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. Cattle tend to sleep only 5 hours per day. Image Credit: giphy.com


5. Be legenDAIRY.

The cows and calves in our lives can be unforgettable… Dare we say “legendairy". Image Credit: Farm Sanctuary - Connie Pugh


6. Don’t be afraid to accessorize.

She can “spot” the latest fashion trends and express her individuality. And for her, ear tags also help keep her comfortably pest-free.


7. Cow-nt your blessings.

Counting your blessings is especially rewarding when you are counting your cows. Image Credit: mempile.


8. Learn from your mis-steaks.

Whether it is getting your head stuck in a bucket and missing your exit on the highway, we can all learn from past mistakes. Image Credit: memphile.com


9. Get a MOOve on.

A dance party like this is a great way to burn a lot of calories. The amount of movement and calories a cow needs per day varies depending on her lactation cycle (pregnant, lactating, post-partum, etc.). Check out the COWdition app to review your cattle’s ideal body weight. Image Credit: Giphy


10.    Don’t be steer-ed in the wrong direction.

Following our love for cattle has never steered us wrong. What lessons have you learned from the cows in your life? Image Credit: Giphy




July 11, 2017