Archive: August 2016

Vet Students around the World - Meet Patrick from Taiwan

Published: August 30, 2016
We think veterinary students are awesome! Together with the International Veterinary Students' Association, we are bringing you stories of vet students around the ...

We are AH - Meet Stephanie Batliner

Published: August 22, 2016
The regular spotlight about Animal Health employees around the world highlights the job responsibilities, daily challenges and individual aspects of working at Bayer Animal Health. Meet Stephanie Batliner – passionately caring for ...

Why Zika is no danger for pets but other vector transmitted diseases are

Published: August 09, 2016
Many people wonder if their pets can also get infected or play a role in the ZIKA transmission. This worry can be answered with a clear “no”. But still many other diseases like Leishmaniosis can be transmitted from parasites to pets so bite prevention is absolutely critical to reduce the ...