Archive: March 2016

#Pets4Aging: Taking Action with Infographics

Published: March 16, 2016
Since its 2014 launch, Measuring the Benefits: Companion Animals & the Health of Older Persons has set the scientific tone for raising awareness on how pets may contribute to the mental, emotional, physical, and economic benefit of pet owners and society.

Now in 2016, the #Pets4Aging conversation is advancing via an innovative infographic approach from the International Federation on Ageing (IFA). The infographic approach is designed to engage audiences new to the topic, while making key points easily shareable and ...

Bayer employees participate in a “6-paws run” at Leverkusen, Germany headquarters

Published: March 11, 2016
A healthy lifestyle – this means not only looking after ourselves but caring for our companion animals as well. Therefore, more than 220 Bayer employees, their families, and their dogstook the opportunity to participate in ‘Monheim runs’ (as Bayer Animal Health is located in Monheim, Germany). What makes the annual event so special is its location – it takes place in the immediate environment of our general Bayer headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany. The participants run around the famous and so-called “Bayer cross” along a marked route of 1,55 miles. To create an engaging run environment seven run distances are offered and participants may select based upon age, or interest, from 0,66 miles runs to 6,2 miles runs. One of the runs offered is the most-famous ‘6-paws-run’, which seems to be the most interesting run as it attracts a broad audience of children and adults. In this run, a dog owner (we have yet to witness any cats participating in the race), plus his dog face a 1.55 miles distance run together. Up to 150 pairs can participate and there is no limitation regarding the pet owner’s age and the breed of the ...