Archive: January 2016

Supporting Mine Detection Dogs While Protecting Against Companion Vector-Borne Diseases (Part 1)

Published: January 29, 2016
We recently learned of Bayer colleagues in Norway who are supporting the work of Norwegian People’s Aid—an organization working to clear the world of land mines with the help of working dogs. Our Bayer colleagues in Norway provided products to help support the dogs in their work. We connected with Norwegian People’s Aid veterinarian, Charlotte Søyland, to learn more about this exciting initiative. Here, we cover our conversation with Charlotte in a two-part ...

Pet Ownership: Saving Billions for Health

Published: January 14, 2016
At Bayer we’ve long supported the human-animal bond and how the connection between pets and people can positively support the physical, mental, social, and economic well-being of humans and human health. And just recently, HABRI—the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, has released new data describing the systemic cost savings of pets to the United States healthcare system. The HABRI report is the first of its kind from the United States and adds to the growing tide of information evidencing the positive role of pets for individuals and healthcare ...